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Simulations Training

Why the CIA uses board games to train its officers?

  • Because Playing Games is part of the human condition. Why not take advantage of that and incorporate it into the way we learn?”  Remember when you heard advice about how you should separate business from pleasure, where the very idea of having fun while learning or working seemed a very improbable thing to do? Of course, that is an ancient way of thinking by today’s standards.
  • Now, “Playing to Learn” is definitely one concept that many of us would get behind.
  • Simulation Training, Business Training Games, and Desktop Business Board Games are all interactive learning experiences that represent real life business situations and challenges. For example, a program could simulate several business years in just four to twelve hours. Both real business and simulations have rules, good and bad strategies and also, good and bad decisions and outcomes from these decisions. Learners are immersed into the Business Simulation Games. Their decisions during the game, impact into their own results. Later they are briefed on the impact of the different decision, which led them to varying outcome. Outcomes could be very successful and competitive business results or not.

 Tarraqi’s Solution … …

“Get your Employees into Tarraqi’s Business Simulations “fun” experience”.

  • “In a safe Learning Environment, let your Employees make decisions and see the immediate business results through real-time interactions. Upgrade Your Peoples Capabilities and Get better business results. Let Your People to learn by doing and by reflecting”