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Hire Smart, Competency based Interview & Selection Skills workshop concentrates on the pre-interview preparation starting with the recruitment process; screening received resumes, developing the right competency based questions; practicing the interview techniques that get specific, behavior-based examples of past performance; reporting the short the list and finally, the strategies that follow through on this process.

o All HR department staff
o Heads of departments  whose role entails conducting interviews and selections

o 3 days 
o From 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

• Recruitment & Selection 
o Definition MPP, Recruitment & Selection
o The HR Planning process
o Recruitment Sources , Advantages & Disadvantages
o Recruitment Effectiveness
o Effective Recruitment Data Base
o The  Selection  Process & Its Importance
o The Effective Screening Process
o Types of Employment Tests Sources of Information 
• Competency 
o Definition of Competency
o Three types of competencies
o Examples of Competency
o Indicators and Contract Indicators 
o The S.T.A.R. Model for Competency Assessment
• Selection
o Define selection & explain its goal 
o Interviewer’s Rating Errors & How to overcome them
o Opening the Interview
o Closing the Interview
o Candidate Interview Assessment  Report & taking the Decision
o Practice your Interviewing Skills
o Reflective assessment & post course action plan for executive coaching

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